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The Academy Hill Historic District of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, is bounded approximately by Baughman Street, North Maple Avenue, Kenneth Street, Culbertson Avenue, Beacon Street, and North Main Street. It consists of 252 structures on 63.5 acres (0.257 km2), with the most notable buildings from the years 1880 to 1949. The earliest building, a former farmhouse at 333 Walnut Avenue, dates from 1840. The Academy Hill Historic District is directly to the north of the Greensburg Downtown Historic District.

 The southern portion of Academy Hill is largely institutional in character, including the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, its parish school, and Greensburg's  public high school, now used as a middle school. Since 1810 the block bounded by Main Street, Academy Hill Place, Maple Avenue, and Grant Street has been used for a succession of public schools, and the 1810 school at this site was the source of the neighborhood's name.

 Main Street, north of these landmark structures, is lined with large houses and mansions built for the city's elite, some of them designed by Paul Bartholomew. As one moves to the east or west from Main Street, the houses become less elaborate. The north-south streets east of Maple Avenue are lined with relatively modest houses that represent middle-class and working-class residential architecture in the pre-World War II era.